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Klubfaktor has been a partner of NEW WORK SE since 2020 and works as a sparring partner for the company’s corporate communications. In doing so, Klubfaktor supports the New Work Se in data-driven communication, develops studies together with experts and processes them for content communication.

Collaboration highlights include:

  • – NEW WORK Harbour – relocation communication of the most modern office in Hamburg
  • – NWX23 work:forward
  • – Joint study “Future of the Labor Market,” Institut der dt. Economy, New Work SE et al.
  • – XING Job Happiness Study
  • – XING as a new job network
  • – XING Insider
  • – onlyfy Switching Readiness Study (Generation Z, Generation X, Baby Boomers)


Corporate Communications (since 2020)

Data-driven Communications & Studies

New Hiring Report | Book | Initiative

onlyfy switch readiness study

onlyfy product hose

onlyfy releases


XING Job Happiness Study

XING as a new job network

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April 21, 2023

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April 21, 2023

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May 3, 2023



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